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All Data Secure provides prompt response times that are available "around the clock" basis. Now please keep in mind that each business is different and therefore requires a different amount of service. That is why each service ADS provides is custom molded to your companies needs. We strive to get IT solved in a rapid time frame so that you are up and running as quickly as possible.

Support & Training

While providing around the clock support to small businesses and consumers, All Data Secure also provides tutoring sessions so that you are knowledgeable of the machine you are working with inside and out. Each tutoring session is personalised around you so that you are not overwhelmed by information that you may not necessarily care to know. There is no set syllabus that we follow step by step. You learn what you want to know, it's as simple as that.

Network Solutions

Businesses require a designated area where you can store you data, and look over and limit what types of freedoms the employees have at their disposal. All Data secure has perfected multiple methods in which you can remotely access your data from anywhere in the world, on almost any device out there. But with the proper preventative measures we can assure you that your data would be safe from intruders, viruses, and other malicious software.


Our staff has the proper training and skill set to do hardware replacements onsite in your office or if required the tools to do so in our office. They also possess a vast knowledge of not only Windows Servers operating systems, dating as far back as NT4 and as current as the up to date 2012 R2. But also are knowledgable of every PC operating systems dating back to Win NT 4 work station. We can install programs and remove programs that are not easily removed through their own installation programs.

Virus Removal/ Prevention

During our virus removal services we do not just simply run a scan and hope it is cleaned. We use a combination of scans along with manual removal tactics. This means that a technician will look deeper into each and every file running on your computer and research it to ensure that the file is valid

Web Services

All Data Secure will gladly handle all the behind the scenes requirements so your websites and emails work smoothly. We have the means to create web pages to your specifications and transfer ownership to your company once the work has been completed. We will make sure that your Exchange server and Outlook programs are configured correctly so that you are sure to receive your emails.

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